Collano A 1970 - Bonding and sealing in one.

This durable 1K adhesive and sealant boasts excellent adhesion to a wide range of metals, steel, aluminum, rubber, glass, stone and ceramic materials, Varicor, Corian, plastics, insulation materials and wood products, etc.

Range of Applications:

  • Assembly adhesive for skirting boards, window sills, door sills and facade elements
  • Mirror adhesive
  • Connecting joints in sanitary areas
  • Paintable construction and glazing sealant
  • Rubber and plastic profiles for staircases
  • Bonding metal parts in kitchen and window making

Instructions For Use:

  • Apply Collano A 1970 from the 600 ml aluminum sachet or the 290 ml cartridge using a gun. Join the parts, clamping where necessary.


  • Bonding and sealing in one.
  • Highly vapor-tight.
  • Guaranteed adhesion to most materials without the need for priming.
  • Adhesive does not drip from overhead surfaces.
  • Seals can be sanded and then coated with emulsion paints.
  • Solvent-free: no transport or storage hazard, no harmful solvent vapors released during. processing.
  • Good resistance to sea water, lime water, weak acids and alkalis, UV rays, cleaning agents.
  • Heat resistant from -40 °C to 100 °C.
  • Very good in UV protection.