Collano BM 866

Collano BM 866 - High Powered Mounting Adhesive with High Powered Holding.

High Tack - High Powered Mounting Adhesive with High Powered Holding.

Collano's new and effective adhesive BM866 is a revolutionary product for the yachting market and it is also revolutionary for the construction market. The range of application is as follows: aluminum, stainless steel, glass, mirror, ceramics, stone, soil and wood.

Range of Applications:

  • Easy and fast way to adhere interior wall and ceiling applications, light panels and insulating materials, window frames, borders, mirror, wood and aluminum profiles.
  • Suitable for body and metal bindings.
  • High bonding for steel, stainless steel anodized aluminum and painted surfaces.

Instructions for Use:

  • Bonding surfaces must be dry, free of oil, rust and substances that could impair adhesion.
  • Application Temperature: +5°C  to +40°C.
  • Pressing with hand or mechanical air press.
  • Skinning Time: 10-15 minutes.
  • Hardening Time: 2-3mm/24 hours (23°C and %65 humidity).
  • Clean-up: In liquid form, with Ebo clean. For cured adhesive, remove mechanically.
  • Not suitable for bituminous substrates, PE, PP and teflon, immersed and for movement joints and underwater.


  • Fitting processes in industry and operations.
  • 1K humidity system.
  • Color: White.
  • Density: 1.57g/ml.
  • Resistance: Strong.
  • Shore A Hardness: app 60 in 20°C.
  • Pulling Resistance: 2,2N/mm2 according to DIN 53504.
  • Flexibleness: %350 according to DIN53504.
  • Flexibleness Allowed max: 25%.
  • Temperature Resistance: -40°C to +100°C after hardening.
  • Very good in UV protection.
Parquet raw material is produced of natural and unnatural woods that are vertically bonded with each other with 2 or 3 different layers. For a durable and decorative flooring, adhesive quality is significant.
The most important issue for the furniture pruduction is the bonding. In our tests, even though we are successful at tearing woods apart from each other, we could not tear from the adhered area.
Exterior Thermal Sheathing, Silicon Curtain Wall, Composite Panel Coverage, American Siding Coverage, Granite and Marble Coating, Compact Laminated Coating, Terra Cotta Façade Coating, The bonding solutions for this kind of applications of ours are unique.
Adhesive of various type of metals to each other, fixing of cracks on metal surfaces, filling of the holes, fixing of cracks on metal pipes and water leaks is the most significant issue. Revolutionary adhesive for every type of metal applications.
Glass and mirror bonding applications requires a hard process and there tested various methods. Not ruining the chemical material at the back of the mirror, mirror does not lose its characteristics. Perfect glass and mirror adhesive.
Plastics are low density, strong, has the characteristics of shaping and started to be used in wider areas because of its low cost. There is an increase of usage capacity. We present you a radical solution for the bonding of plastic.
Styrophor is used for hot, cold and sound insulation and it is colored as blue, green and white according to its quality. The bonding application of this kind of product which is commonly used is substantial. Unique solution for bonding of various types of materials.