Semparoc - PUR adhesive with high bond strength.

Semparoc gives the best solution for the bonding of wood, metal, ceramics and stone with the feature of flexibility and waterproofing.


For the water- and weather-resistant bonding of soft and hard woods, plastics, stone, metals, ceramics, insulation materials, concrete and non flammable building panels.

Instructions for use:

  • Surface Preparation: must be clean, dry, free of oil and dust,
  • Application Temperature: 5–30 °C,
  • Material Moisture: %12 - 65.
  • Application Tool: spatula,
  • Coating Weight: 100–300 g/m²
  • Open Time: about 1 hour; 
  • Press Time: at 20 °C: about 3–4 hours; 
  • Pressure: 0,2–0,8 N/mm²; 
  • Cure Time: depending on material and air humidity; 
  • Cleaning of Equipment: with Collano PUR Solvent. Resistance.


  • Flammability Class: F120 (with appropriate materials and constructions); 
  • Water Resistance: C4 according to EN 12765; temperature resistance: 120 °C.
The most significant issue for the lamination of wooden keel, frame, deck and pavement construction, is the bonding and impermeability. You shoul try all these products of ours for this kind of significant needs of yours.